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Well, this is where I write almost everything else you can't find in the other pages (lolwhut), which mainly relates to the site background. If you don't think that this is what you were looking for, then well... sorry. D: because I suck like that.

the brand new look.

Version 2 designed in Adobe Photoshop 7. I intended to expand this site to a shrine on amassment's otp marathon, but didn't meet the deadline and... somehow I couldn't work on it. I have prepared the layout though, so I thought it would be nice to give this dear fanlisting a facelift. I hated the old version. :(

The picture was scanned by me. Textures come from Shizoo and Papercuts. More resources can be find here.


If you own X-related fanlistings, yes, I'm accepting affiliation! :) Just contact me.